Disgusting Dominos Pizza

Disgusting Dominos? What with teabag parties and the Obama’s new dog dominating the news, we thought maybe it’s time to let people know again of the dangers of stupid social media use. Kids have already been busted for posting nude and semi-nude pictures of themselves on the Internet.

Now comes the story of two (former) workers at Dominos Pizza, whose YouTube prank has them facing felony charges.

This pair of dummies, Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer, posted a video on YouTube showing Setzer making sandwiches.

Problem is, he shoved cheese up his nose and then put it on one sandwich, than blew nasal mucus onto another. All with what I guess they thought was cute commentary from Hammonds.

Comments from the more than a million hits the video got led both Dominos officials and police to the pair, who worked in Conover, North Carolina. However, their discovery was the least of the pizza chain’s problems. It turned out the video was referenced in five of the 12 results on Google’s first page when Dominos was plugged in.

It became a hot topic on Twitter as well. From there, it was all downhill for Dominos. In less than a week, the video appears to have seriously damaged the company’s reputation. In fact, Dominos is considering a civil lawsuit against the pair. That, however, won’t undo the damage already done. Neither will the apology from Hammonds that said the whole thing was fake. As one media maven told the New York Times, when it comes to social media “if you think it’s not going to spread, that’s when it gets bigger.”

Who knows how many people either saw or heard about the video, then had second thoughts about ordering from Dominos?

Beyond that, it’s a testament to the power of social media, a term that wasn’t even used much at the turn of the century. YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook have all changed the way we deal with each other and, some say, the way we see ourselves.

What would you do with Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer? Would you lock them up? How can Dominos make this go away? You tell me.


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