Dick and Wanda. The Weekend’s Top News?

Dick Cheney and Wanda Sykes. Believe it or not, they’re interrelated. They ended up being the top of news this weekend. Why? You tell me. Sykes became a Republican talking point for her searing criticism of Rush Limbaugh at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Cheney is a talking point, and apparently the darling of Sunday gasbag shows for simply being Cheney. And their common point?

Yep, El Rushbo. Sykes joked about Limbaugh’s hope that President Obama fails. She called it treason. She went on to say he may have been the 20th hijacker on 9-11, except he was strung out on Oxycontin and missed his flight. She also said she hoped his kidneys failed. For whatever reason, some people think she went too far.

About Rush Limbaugh?

Are they kidding?

It may be uncool to wish anybody’s kidneys fail but we’re talking about a roast here. Roasts, last I checked, were known for pushing the envelope when it comes to taste.

Maybe they would have less of a problem had Wanda Sykes hoped Obama’s kidneys failed. After all, weren’t a lot of people who took umbrage at that infamous NY Post cartoon told to “get over it” by some in this same media? Anyway, Limbaugh himself said on his radio show recently that Sen. Ted Kennedy would be dead by the time health care reform passes. I ask you, which one goes too far?

Limbaugh is a grown man. All this attention reinforces his own view that he is the center of the American political universe. To top it off, here comes Dick Cheney with yet another overcovered Sunday talk show appearance. The former VP says he prefers Limbaugh’s brand of conservatism to Colin Powell’s. For reasons best known to themselves, the media acts like this is some sort of revelation.

The true revelation would be why anyone thinks Dick Cheney’s tiresome defense of all things Bush Administration has anything to do with life in 2009. The nation has moved along, trying to deal with the financial excesses that took place on the Bush-Cheney watch. And here he is, again, fear mongering, and talking up Limbaugh, a guy who’s approval ratings are right in the toilet with his.

Wanda Sykes and Dick Cheney, with a side order of Rush Limbaugh.

Was this a Mother’s Day Weekend to remember or what?


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