Did Democrats Punk on GITMO?

The short answer to the above question? Yes, they did.

Yes, the people locked up at Guantanamo Bay may well be guilty of crimes against this country and its citizens. How guilty we don’t know in many cases. Some people have been locked up there for years without trial. Yet pandering members of Congress, Democrat and Republican, act like to bring them to justice on US soil is somehow a clear and present danger to the public.


The Democrats involved in the shameful Senate decision to withhold funding for GITMO’s closure got punked by Republicans, pure and simple. How else to explain the lopsided 90-6 vote? How else to explain Harry Reid’s bizarre statement about the detainees, “We don’t want them around”? So what do you suggest, Senator? Shoot them all? Keep ’em locked up forever without giving many the benefit of a trial?

FBI boss Robert Mueller fed more red meat to opponents of closing GITMO by asserting detainees held or released in the US could pose a threat.


A cursory reading of history would tell us the following: Several German saboteurs landed in the US, were captured, tried by military tribunal, and executed back in 1942. None were detained for a minute outside the US.

Also, in case people forgot, tens of thousands of Japanese Americans were interred during the same wartime period, again inside the US. If Nazis and Japanese can be securely held inside this country, what in the world is Congress thinking by scaring the American people about GITMO detainees?

President Obama will address the nation on this issue by the time many of you read this. It really doesn’t matter what he says, given that he’s been sold out by his own party on this issue. Americans’ concerns about national security are legitimate ones. However, the idea that suspected terrorists can help fund terror operations from behind bars in ludicrous. That’s what Super Max prisons were made for.


And the fears about what happens if they’re released? Gee, it seems like the only way that would happen is if they’re found innocent. So is Congress trying to say that America’s courts would be suspect if one or two of these detainees are found not to have done what the government says they’ve done? They’ve already impugned the competence of virtually every corrections officer currently working in the US.

Instead of fighting the Republicans on this issue, the Democrats folded like a gambler with a bad hand at one of Harry Reid’s Vegas casinos. Not to mention they’ve spoon fed the GOP an issue that they’ll certainly use going forward in their war of “no” with the president.

And what’s their end game? Keeping GITMO, an international scar of shame, open and nothing less.

Is this really what the American people want? How about you? Do you want to keep Guantanamo Bay open?


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  1. sanda says:

    Who’d have thought the Dems would play politics with NIMBY Not in my Backyard? But it’s playing politics with the lives of people. Why assume that THESE people are guilty just because they have been picked up and placed in “detention”/prison? That the prison is disgusting, as is the BEHAVIOR of the jailers (include torture) is left out of the writing in the media. There’s a lot on the web, particularly Glenn Greenwald who speaks to the issue of this manufactured fear of the people locked up.

    Consider that the reason so many terrify the US government is that there may not be enough (or any) evidence of any wrongdoing by those being imprisoned. That’s why they haven’t been brought to trial. These folks being held, it should be noted, are not being held in conditions afforded the Germans who were captured off Long Island during WWII. The very notion of this is a War and these folks are some kind of prisoners is sloppy. The ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights have been working on this. Philippe Sands and Jane Mayer were on DemocracyNow yesterday, I think and spent an hour talking about torture, Gitmo, etc. http://www.democracynow.org
    Transcript and video online. It’s one more time that the independent media are doing a good job, and corporate media “not so hot”. Increasingly, the blogosphere is looking good, if you know where to look.

  2. Hi Mr. Riley,

    First of all, thank you for offering a link back to my post back to Grand Rants. That was very fair of you…

    I just want to make my point very clear… The guys in Gitmo are extraordinarily violent. Unfortunately the Bush administration failed to grasp this fact and released at least 30 terrorists who went back to their old ways. (http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=26445_Freed_Gitmo_Inmates_Immediately_Return_to_Jihad&only). They should have learned this simple fact from the horrible experience of prison guard Louis Pepe being stabbed in the eye by convicted terrorist Mahhoud Maduh Salim. Want more proof of the dangers of mixing radical Islam with the prison system? Three of the four suspects arrested today (5/21/09) in a NYC bomb plot were reportedly radicalized in our own prison system… The last thing we need to do as a country is take the terrorists/teachers and plop them into a mainstream American prison system. That’s insane. The only alternative is to build them their own jail… And it seems that we already have a rather nice one in Gitmo.

    It’s time that the politicians stop playing politics…

    Thanks again for the link,

    Alan Speakman
    Grand Rants

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