Economy? Who cares…

You may have noticed, as I have, that our politicians seem to have stopped talking about the economy.


Nope, what Nancy Pelosi knew and when she knew it…Dick Cheney’s trash talk…and whether US prisons can house terrorists …seems to have blown economic news right off the front pages.

The question is, did somebody fix things while the rest of us weren’t looking, or is our attention being diverted for a reason?

Cynic that I am, I choose the latter. Take a look around, America. While things may have bottomed out, they certainly haven’t gotten better. And here’s a telling statistic for you. Last year, there were about 1.7 applicants for every available job. Right now that number is 4.8 applicants. That means those who have been thrown out of work are facing daunting obstacles to finding a new job, even if they’re good at what they do.

Chances are, there are four other people just as good who have sent their resumes to that same HR department. And that’s a single stat. Expand that outward and what you see is a wholesale scramble to reinvent or reset job skills to fit a fast changing market.

But how much do we read or know about the struggles of the everyday working person, or person seeking work?

Hey, that’s not important, pal! Ridiculous arguments about who’s calling the CIA liars (which, by the way, GOP Pelosi stalker Pete Hoekstra actually did), now that’s important.

Barack Obama making the mistake of getting into a spitting match with Dick Cheney (Dick Cheney!!!) over national security is what we ought to spend our time contemplating this Memorial Day Weekend.

Oh, and by the way, our lawmakers don’t just take Monday off. They’re off the whole week! And the House calls it the Memorial Day District Work Period, and they do so with a straight face. The economy, health care, climate change, they’ll all keep until Congress returns. And when it does, we’ll hear more about Republicans wanting a full blown probe of Nancy Pelosi.

Houston, we have a problem. It’s called MISPLACED PRIORITIES. America has a long way to go before the major work that needs to be done to fix things is even halfway finished. When Congress returns, how about they grow a spine and tell Republicans we have a list of terrorists being held in US prisons as long as your arm already. They include everyone from shoe bomber Richard Reid to 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui to American Taliban John Walker Lindh.

Keeping GITMO open or jobs for the American unemployed, which is the Republican priority? Providing health care to those who don’t have it, or trying to gut Nancy Pelosi?

There are choices, aren’t there?

Which topic do you think should be headline news?


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  1. sanda says:

    Or persons who can’t work (disabled, most poor). ProPublica has some really good articles, investigative reporting.

    The corporate media seems to like “flashy” stories. I’d like to hear/see some domestic stories that are local. In all the years of Bloomberg being Mayor, there’s a dearth (thankfully I have a dictionary, limited, on my screen; oh yeah, it’s a “desktop”…I dislike jargon) of criticism of his policies. One economic policy: Bloomberg is going to charge
    RENT to people who are in homeless shelters, a “law” on the books, but never enforced by any Mayor. (When was that passed?) Bloomberg refuses food stamps money from the Feds for single adults (or is it just men?) because it’s his policy that “it will keep people from seeking work”. Mean.

    If poverty is covered, it’s an occasional story with some anecdotal, a few poor folks. They usually lean towards “picking ones self up by the bootstraps” and not much talk about hungry kids, huge increase in food pantries in recent years or how the $91bn
    (don’t you love that “bn” for billion, so close to bs for …oh, you know) for wars
    won’t cover closing Guantanamo Prison (that got news coverage) but not how much domestic programs will be short changed because of it. Can anyone say “watch out Social Security and Medicare”…there’s folks who want to chop/steal it from the public treasury. The economy is tied to the military is tied to taxes….

  2. p of v says:

    You people are all the same.
    President Obama has been working practically nonstop to fix the economic disaster you republicans dropped on our doorstep. Then, Dick comes out and tries to save his ass on his own network, Fox News, every day for the past two months, and you can’t get enough of him.
    Yep, it’s all Obama’s fault. You forgot to blame him for the sinking of the Titanic; better get right on that…

    1. Your kidding, right? Me? Republican? Read the post more carefully. I’m dogging Cheney, not Obama!!!

  3. sanda says:

    Based on the comment that seems to imply that President Obama is above criticism on the economy, I wonder why some feel the President is “above reproach”. Who knows?

    There’s an article today by Robert Scheer on TruthDig about California’s financial woes, that the voters refused to vote for a tax increase and that the Federal government is helping banks, not folks on the bottom. Title “Stuff banks, starve kids”. Why is that relevant here? In the article David Axelrod, Obama’s advisor, said,
    “the federal government can’t do everything”, implying “tough”. Does anyone think Axelrod would/could say that if Obama didn’t agree? So it’s throw money at the banks and the heck with the poor, for which Obama will have to take some blame if states can’t get more help.

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