Who is Responsible for Tiller’s Murder?

In the minds of some, it simply (and allegedly) Scott Roeder, the person in custody for the shooting of the Kansas doctor who performed late term abortions. For others, the net of responsibility can be cast much, much further. The murder of Dr. George Tiller, inside his local church, has set off an entirely predictable firestorm of accusations between supporters and opponents of abortion.


Some progressive bloggers and Websites heap blame on Fox News screamer Bill O’Reilly, who has referenced Tiller as “Tiller the baby killer” on more than one occasion. O’Reilly, of course rejects such criticisms, saying the killing should be condemned and the focus should instead be on what he says are the 60,000 abortions Dr. Tiller performed.

At the same time, some abortion opponents pour gas on the fire by saying in essence, that Tiller got what he deserved. These apologists for murder are truly dangerous, in that they see themselves as somehow outside of and above the law. They feel they have a God given right to kill. Dr. George Tiller was a perfect symbol for them, a man unafraid to do what he felt was right.

George Tiller had survived being shot, having his clinic bombed, and the picketing of his home and office. He wasn’t just steadfast, he was defiant. Now questions center on whether his murder will have a chilling effect not just on abortion providers but on women seeking them as well. For some, that chilling effect is worth Dr. Tiller’s life.

Randall Terry, the founder of the anti abortion group Operation Rescue says about Tiller’s death “He reaped what he sowed”. That statement speaks volumes not just about Terry, but about the outer fringe of the anti abortion movement in this country. One can’t be sure that common ground with them can actually be found, as President Obama referenced in his speech at Notre Dame.

One question about this entire ugly set of events has yet to be answered. Both Scott Roeder’s ex-wife and his brother say he was mentally unbalanced. If that is true, and he is George Tiller’s murderer, how did he manage to procure the gun he used? Time after time people are killed with guns, and we never stop to ask where the gun was purchased, whether it was legal, and if proper background checks were done. 

Gun violence, as we should know by now, isn’t the sole province of the inner city. Shouldn’t we be asking how many other zealots (regardless of cause) have access to guns, bombs, and other weapons? While we’re at it, shouldn’t the anti abortion movement take a long look in the mirror, and ask themselves if they want to be portrayed as murderers?

You tell me.


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  1. 2btrue says:

    I firmly believe that abortion is murder. However, I also believe that I am not here to tell people to change. My job as a Christian is to tell people of the new life Christ has to offer and allow Him to change their lives.

    Should we stand up for the unborn? Yes. Should we stage peaceful protest and try to reason with lawmakers? Yes. Should we block entrances of clinics, yell, “Baby killer!”, or other such obnoxious protest? No.

    Jesus did not come and change the system around Him. He did not overthrow or change the Roman government or their ideologies. He came for one purpose – to seek and to save that which is lost.

    One guy named Mike put it well…Jesus did not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people live.

    The shooter is wrong. People who say the doctor had it coming to him are wrong. The doctor was wrong in killing babies. The only chance any of us has is in Christ.

  2. sanda says:

    DemocracyNow spent the whole hour (after headlines) on Monday, June 1, playing excerpts of talks by Dr. George Tiller and two physicians who worked with him, as well as Ms. Sneal, who knew him.

    Dr. Shelley Sella MD, one of the doctors who worked with him, said “there were always be a need for first trimester abortions, and second and third trimester abortions”. It’s a medical procedure. It is legal. Isn’t it telling that the two women doctors didn’t want their faces on tv on the show? So, the climate of domestic terrorism on abortion providers and the women who need, want and get abortions is under way. It is good that AG Eric Holder is putting protection at abortion clinics. What does it say about the USA that such a thing is needed?

    It’s my uterus. End of abortion discussion.

    I had one, married, done by a nurse on a kitchen table because no doctor would do it in the city where I was living, in the mid60s. I now know it was a dangerous method.
    My birth control had failed. I didn’t want to have a child in that place where we were doing civil rights work. I had to travel 1200 miles to get the procedure also, and it
    didn’t work. (I miscarried.)

    And not all of us are Christians.

  3. sanda says:

    oops, a senior moment: it’s http://www.democracynow.org

  4. frigginloon says:

    It is a sad and sorry world when we blow someone off the face of the world because we don’t believe in the same philosophy. If we just lost this black or white mentality and added a bitter of color to our lives imagine the possibilities. One reason why communism didn’t work was due to basic human nature. Some people are leaders, some are followers some are downright lazy. When you expect everyone to work collectively and to think and feel in the same way, you just ask for trouble. Check out the Myers Brigg test to understand …we are all different and some people no matter how hard they try will never get on with certain types of people or their philosophies. Understand it, deal with it and agree to disagree. That’s life!

  5. frigginloon says:

    Whoops that was meant to be bit…not bitter.

  6. sanda says:

    DemocracyNow has answers to your question today (as in your title): http://www.democracynow.org
    Show is all about this. “Beware the lone nut theory” is article by guest in a later segment. Guest said, “neither nuts nor alone”. I wanted to say some of that yesterday, but didn’t. He touched on it in this way: planning, and gave examples, in the antiabortion movement. I was going to say, here, yesterday, that people who are in a state of mental illness are not capable of sustained planning of a complicated murder, such as this was.
    One item of proof the author just gave, is that it is known that Dr. Tiller was wearing a bullet proof vest, so a head shot would be desired. Other planning was cited. The other point was that there are support systems for these folks who do criminal, violent acts: from safe houses, to other forms of support (some support is given unknowingly).

    The early part of the show is about the man who was arrested, was caught, taped on video, twice vandalizing an abortion clinic 3 hours away and once the day before, but not arrested. The FBI was called. It is alleged to be the same man who shot Dr. Tiller.

    Local and federal (FBI) authorities have a history of not taking violence against abortion providers and clinics, as well as escalating harrassment all that seriously, even though the laws were broken.

    I was reminded of the murder of Viola Liuzzo as FBI informant sat in a car and watched, in the Civil Rights Movement in Ala.

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