Who Will Win the Battle of Global Warming?

Yes, folks, it’s back in the news, and with good reason. Climate change is on the front burner in Washington, where the Senate is taking up the climate change bill the House passed recently. It’s also being debated at the G-8 summit in Italy.


In the Senate, one should keep in mind a climate bill has been rejected three different times. We ought to pray there isn’t a fourth, but the politics of the environment isn’t always a cut and dried thing, Al Franken’s swearing in not withstanding.

What’s troubling about the latest round of “what should we do about the environment?” is the strong pushback against the idea that global warming is even a problem. Don’t believe me? Keep in mind that Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe once called global warming “the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people”. He’s still at it, and at the same time arguing about the cost, and whether US action alone will make any difference.

That’s where the G-8 comes in.


Despite most developed countries agreeing in principle with the notion of fighting global warming, some countries are resisting the idea, especially during this time of economic crisis. That’s all the cover Senate Republicans need. Their thinking goes like this. If countries like China and India aren’t ready to work on the problem, why should the US? At the root of their argument, however, is Imhofe’s skepticism about the need for any action at all. Global warming, the argument gores, just doesn’t exist.

Al Gore speaking at Oxford and comparing the threat of global warming to that of the Nazis only pours gasoline on the flame. To top it off, the media seems to be giving more and more time to scientists who side with Inhofe. Some have fall back positions. They argue against the need for unilateral action, then the need for immediate action, then the need for any action at all.

Part of the problem is that the consequences of inaction could take years to be made manifest in a tangible way. Despite what many of us say about making the world a better place for those coming behind us, if we have to sacrifice in any real way, our words ring hollow. The Republicans know this. That’s why they try to link nuclear power with solar energy in legislation. They don’t figure any of them (or us) will be around for the next Chernobyl. Or will we?

Reasonable people may disagree about how long it will be before the effects climate change smack us in our collective face. Yet the science is there. The world, no matter what the temperature where you may be now, is getting warmer, little by little. The question is whether our Beltway lawmakers have the guts to tackle the issue.

What do you think? Do they?


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  1. sanda says:

    Climate change debate only exists in Republican minds. The entire scientific community, a very cautious lot, ONLY discusses “how fast” not “IF”. The UN Scientists Report on Climate Change used a couple of thousand scientists for their report.

    James Hansen, a leading US scientist has been interviewed several times on DemocracyNow http://www.democracynow.org

    Two of the headlines on DemocracyNow this morning (printed text on the website now), are that the G8 summit didn’t agree on deadlines and do not have enforcement = not effective, in my opinion. And, Greenpeace activists hung a sign on Mt. Rushmore (and later got arrested).

    There’s NO CLEAN COAL and NO SAFE NUCLEAR ENERGY. But there’s lots of wind (ah, if we could only harness political hot air), solar and other. I don’t make predictions. I wish humans luck for the future. War or climate change or both?
    On the other hand, Europe is doing a lot for climate change and there are people here who have ideas, too. One point: nuclear power plants can’t get insurance coverage. No company will insure one.

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